The only Salt Therapy Room in the HD!

Breathing deeply and mindfully is one of the most effective things one can do to enhance wellbeing. When one consciously slows the
breath and resets poor breathing habits, the body is alerted that all is well and true healing can begin.

Breath & Stress
Studies identify meditation and breathing techniques, rather than
pharmaceutical targeting neurotransmitters, may be a superior method to address body changes that occur from stress, anxiety, and depression.
Meditation, relaxation, and breathing techniques can be used as supplemental treatments
for those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression.
Complementary medicine is growing in popularity due to one
of the glaring problems of our modern lifestyle the disconnect between our bodies and
the current environment can be overwhelming. @studio841 we have a place that can put your worries away. A 45min treatment in our salt room can give you a moment of peace and relaxation. The Salt Room along with breathwork has proven to aid as complimentary medicine to help reduce the stresses of today’s climate. Our staff is continually using this method themselves with successful results. If you or someone you know needs this therapy call 760-256-6077 to make an appointment. We are here for you and you will feel relief 😇 #Studio841 #saltroom #halotherapy #barstowspremiersalonstudio841